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Accessible, engaging, and relevant professional development and support.

Supporting teacher growth in the planning and delivery of coherent instruction.




Creative Classroom Solutions uses our methodology, Shared Space Teaching, and our planning platform, Mosaic Instructional Planning, to support teacher growth in the planning and delivery of coherent instruction.

We believe in:

Our Founders

Izzy Galante and Dr. Nicole Galante are a brother-sister team with over 40 years of combined experience in K-postsecondary education. They have based their methodology, Shared Space Teaching, on the foundations of relationships--starting with their own. 


Izzy Galante

STEAM Team Leader

Izzy has taught and served as an instructional coach for over twenty years at schools in Florida and New York before co-founding Creative Classroom Solutions, overseeing its development and partnerships with the NYC Department of Education for the past eight. Izzy is an expert unit and lesson plan designer and uses his skills to hone the Shared Space Teaching Institute as well as to collaborate with Nicole in the development of Mosaic Instructional Planning.

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Nicole Galante

Humanities Team Leader

Nicole, PhD, is the Acting Director of the English Education Program at Stony Brook University. She has been published and has presented at many state, national, and international conferences on preservice and early career English teacher education. As a co-founder of Creative Classroom Solutions, she has consulted in NYC schools for the past eight years, training and mentoring teachers and administrators, and building connections between pre- and in-service teachers. 

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Our Support 

  • Whole-School Data Walks

  • Full-Day, Half-Day, and Micro-Workshops 

  • One-to-One Coaching (Assess, Plan, Deliver, Reflect)

  • PLC Leadership Roundtables

  • Shared Space Teaching Institute

  • Mosaic Instructional Planning

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The Shared Space Teaching Methodology for the planning and delivery of instruction combines research-based strategies with evidence-based best practices to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Click to learn about our four-day SST Workshops.


Teach better, Learn Better, Lead Better.

Impacting student learning by providing intuitive support to teachers throughout the design, delivery and assessment of instruction as well as by providing oversight tools for administrators and coaches.


Mosaic Helps Teachers

  • Easily and intuitively plan lessons
  • Focus on critical content using pre-loaded standards leveled with the Hess Rigor Matrix
  • Support student-directed learning through a taxonomy of exploration strategies

Mosaic Helps Students

  • Access rigorous content
  • Engage with automatically-generated note-taking guides built from lesson content
  • Learn in their home languages: note-taking guides are automatically translanguaged into 13 different languages 

Mosaic Helps Leaders

  • Quickly sort lesson plans by teacher, grade-level, content area, delivery date, and more for comprehensive oversight and support
  • Assess alignment to instructional core standards
  • Provide teachers with actionable feedback through commenting features


Pricing for all of our services is subject to change. 



Full Day

1 Trainer- TBD

2 Trainers- TBD

Half Day

1 Trainer- TBD

2 Trainers- TBD

Micro (After School PD)

1 Trainer- TBD

2 Trainers- TBD


Full Day
1 Coach- TBD

2 Coaches- TBD

Shared Space Teaching Four-Day Institute

Content-Specific Workshops
Four Full Days

$600/ Participant, Includes a one-year site license for Mosaic Instructional Planning

Mosaic Instructional Planning

One-Year License
Institutions- $150/ User

Individuals- $14.99/ User/ Month or $150/ User/ Year (if paid in full)

Onboarding Fee Per Site
$500/ School

Two-coach services are subject to availability and need. Services conducted outside of a 50-mile radius of NYC may be subject to additional transportation fees as agreed upon by both parties.

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