The hallmarks of our school reform workshop series, SharedSpace Teaching, provides over-arching topics that can stand alone or be presented as a series that will build capacity and empower school staff.  Our school-wide coaching programs address the everyday application of the over-arching topics. 

Whole-School Visitations*

Our partnerships are data driven experiences with Whole-School data collection visitations to bookmark the year's work.   Visitations consist of two consecutive, full days of observation and data collection/ analysis to drive Micro-Workshop sessions for full-staff professional development.

At the close of each whole-school visitation cycle, coaches will meet with administration and leadership team to present data and discuss next steps for workshops and individual coaching.  End of year data, along with school leadership observations will quantify the progress of our partnerships.  Click here to review a Sample of our Visitation Summary Report


Workshops are conducted based on school-wide needs as determined by administration (and/or in conjunction with coaches) and Whole-School Visitation summary reports.  Workshops are full day, hands-on experiences with a lunch break and two additional short breaks throughout the day.  Participants will engage in whole-group, small-group and individual activities determined by the workshop leader(s). 


Micro-workshops are targeted in response to benchmark and mid-year observations of full-staff as well as administrative recommendations, and will address aligning curriculum with CCSS as well as specific elements of Danielson Domains 1, 2, and 3.  Micro-workshops will provide ongoing opportunities for educators to examine a variety of Shared Space, research-based instructional strategies and best practices with the intention of using them in their classrooms in order to differentiate instruction, providing equity and access to all learners.  Micro-workshops will include opportunities for teachers to work with colleagues in order to improve instruction and student achievement in a respectful and trusting environment.

One-to-One Coaching*

Teacher coaching will be conducted in cycles of three teachers per coach for four visits. All instructional coaching are "job-embedded" experiences and Teachers will be selected based on targeted needs assessment that coaches will conduct with administration at the beginning of each coaching cycle.

Continuous Improvement Cycle:

At the beginning of each coaching cycle, teachers will work with coaches to develop a coaching plan including 2-3 improvement goals related to whole-school improvement focus, which they will reflect on in writing, and an action plan.

At the second stage of each coaching cycle, teachers will work with coaches to enact their action plans: they will plan a unit/ lesson with a coach in which they specifically address their improvement goals, and which they plan to teach during the next coaching visit.

At the third stage of each coaching cycle, teachers will deliver the previously-planned lesson either with or under the observation of their coaches. After conducting the lesson, teachers will be asked to complete a reflection to share with their coaches during the next visit.

At the fourth stage of each coaching cycle, teachers will reflect and debrief with their coaches, noting relationships between their improvement goals, their planning and delivery, and the level of their students’ success.

**Our coaches are responsive to their teaching partners and available by email anytime for ongoing collaboration.