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Accessible, engaging, and relevant professional development and support.

Using our Shared Space Teaching approach to planning and delivery of instruction, we provide workshop, coaching and institute experiences guaranteed to help build teacher capacity and create Best Practice Institutions.  Our work is fully supported by the most teacher-friendly planning platform on the market, Shared Space Planning.  


CCS' Shared Space Teaching Methodology

Explore Corporately - Discover Collaboratively - Inspire Intentionally

Shared Space Teaching is not a ‘show and tell - I do, you do’ approach to understanding content.  Instead, Shared Space uses interconnected experiences of process modeling, collaborative discourse, and engaging tasks to provide access to, independence with and mastery of complex content and skills.

CCS Believes...

  • In equity and access for all students to quality instruction and delivery of that instruction

  • In engaging and authentic learning environments

  • In lifelong learning, and the power of modeling that process

  • In shared teacher/student roles and responsibilities within learning spaces

  • In student ownership and justification of their work tasks


The purpose of CCS’ mentoring experiences is to provide accessible, engaging and relevant professional development and support.  CCS’ goal is to develop partnerships with school leadership teams and staffs, building upon established capacity by customizing experiences to best fit the teaching and learning environment of each school.

Creative Classroom Solutions is a NYC DOE approved Vendor.